Too Human, Too Conflicted

On the Eve of Too Human’s release it is not a joyous night of anticipation for the game but instead everyone is looking on at the massive train
scores. Each review while varying bit from bit in score all basically carry the same tone. That Too Human

is not a very good game in any shape or form. Message boards are set ablaze with a huge amount of discussion over how the game is being received. Many users are enjoying watching the game crash and burn even before its release although one has to wonder if this is

mostly due to the games outspoken
creator, Denis Dyack. While playing the game I couldn’t help but feel frustrated, there was interesting and innovative concepts being displayed but due to all of Dyack’s preaching they were all going to get ignored. Dyack basically made

Too Human a game that is cool to hate. Burying everything else beneath it the combat is without a doubt the center piece of this game and is fundamentally flawed in that it somehow is even more mindless then Diablo 2 while feeling nowhere near as gratifying it still has

some great ideas beneath it. The way the camera is controlled and story presentation are the two things that jump out in this game. Unfortunately they are both far from perfect and are more of a basic framework of how these two aspects of games could evolve if

tweaked a bit (major changes to the script, randomly plugging in Norse mythology doesn’t make for a compelling story). I wonder if this game was an Xbox 360 launch game with the same amount of hype (because without the hype this game would be completely swept

under the carpet) if it would be met with a lot more praise for its innovations instead of gamers cheering to see its demise. Either way I still look forward to trying out the full product and hope to see the trilogy complete itself, like I said the basic framework is there it just

needs some more time in the oven. The next week should be interesting to see if this game becomes important at all besides being known as Dyack’s massive bomb, either way I look on with anticipation.

Anyway on a lighter note, simply cannot wait for Tales of Vesparia in two weeks! Game just recently came out in Japan and is actually causing Xbox 360 to be selling out in a country that completely usually disregards the system.

Really love the demo and the characters along with the story (main reason to play RPGs for me) both seem to insanely interesting. If you know nothing about the Tales’ series I recommend watching a few
intros and some
videos. They take the

Major complaint that most gamers have with most RPGs (slow turn based combat) and remedy it with what the series is now known for (fast paced action battle system).

Anyway back to Final Fantasy 6 for the GBA, playing it for the first time ever and I’m immensely enjoying it.

~ by spruchy on August 19, 2008.

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