Why Everyone Should Play LoL

League of Legends is a Free to play PC game that can be acquired here. If I had to assign the game to a genre I would call it an action/strategy game as it’s faster paced then your usual RTS and more reliant on reflexes than planning ahead.  This blog post is my attempt to make both my friends and anyone looking for an amazing game to play aware of LoL’s existence. Shoutouts to my former roommate Brian for getting me hooked on the game during my time in DC when I initially had written it off, and to Jeff, who kept me playing even after I came back to NJ. Anyway, hopefully after reading this you’ll be slightly more compelled to check it out then you were prior to.

The Barrier for Entry is Extremely Small (Free!)

I assume if you’re reading this that means you’re on a computer which means you’re eligible to start downloading and playing League Of Legends for free right away (if you’re on a phone or iPad boo, hiss!). The game itself is free and the system requirements are not the least bit demanding ensuring that anyone with the least bit of interest can start to play. With a streamlined interface and a plethora of website resources such as LeagueCraft and Mobafire, the game is also much easier to get into then its predecessor DOTA, so if you have bed memories of that game put them aside. Unfortunately a Mac version is not officially released yet despite Riot Games saying that it was due for release almost a year ago. And be warned, while the game itself is free, the toll the game will take on your restraint to not hit that Buy Riot Points button can be taxing once you are addicted.

The action can be fierce.

It’s both rewarding and deep.

I’m writing this at 4 AM, my good friend who has never played a game of LoL before has only left a little over an hour ago after an extended play session (with each game ending with the classic “one more!”). Being a team based game makes League perfect to play with your friends both online and in real life, and by being rewarded just for playing with Influence Points (IP) to unlock other characters with there’s also an incentive to play on your own. The game itself can remain interesting on just this level for many (a year plus for me personally), but if you ever want to take it to the next level there are plenty of streams and competitive tournaments that are worth checking out (this past weekend the official Dreamhack stream surpassed 200K in viewers, which as far as I know is more then any eSport stream out there).With both normal and draft-style ranked games you won’t be finding yourself burned out anytime soon.

It really is.

It’s fun!

I can tell you about the time I was playing as Caitlyn the Sniper and was having a back and forth battle with Ashe the Frozen Archer in the middle of the river only to have her pop ghost and run away with it coming down to the last moment when I managed to snag the kill by getting a clutch snipe. Or I could tell you about the time I was playing as Vladmir the blood mage and was about to be annihilated by a meteor from Veigar (think Vivi from FF9) when at the last second I turned into a pool of blood nullifying the attack. But you’ll just have to take my word on it, this game is really fun.

Don't hold this against the game, think of it as sandwich making time.

Everyone’s doing it.

As I mentioned earlier the Dreamhack stream this previous weekend had over 200 thousand viewers, that’s insane.More and More people are playing League of Legends and unless you want to turn into that one guy who thinks he’s super sweet because he doesn’t understand what Twitter is, there’s no time better then now to jump on the train.  With more players starting every day that means you’re more likely to be matched up against other newcomers who are of an equal level making for a more fun match for everyone and creates a sense of camaraderie between newbies in which you can help one another become better by exchanging tips and tricks.

Are you really going to pass on Bunny Teemo?

It’s better then HoN and all the other DOTA clones.

I’m just kidding, Heroes of Newerth is just as good as LoL. As long as you would enjoy an experience similar to being dragged into a back alley and mugged by three dudes while your friends and family scream at you “NOOB! WTF ARE YOU DOING NOOB!”. Not to say LoL doesn’t have it’s fair share of pricks, but HoN and other games make them look like saints. I would tell you to try HoN and see which you like better, but you have to pay for it and if you already played DOTA then you’ve pretty much have played HoN.

Just found this on the web, would be a shame not to use it right?

I could go even further but I think I’ve hit all the points that I wanted to. That, and despite it being 4AM, I really want to play now. Will this post be useless after DOTA 2 is released? I don’t think so, many people will undoubtedly play it including myself but tons of League players are committed to a game they have spent countless hours playing and we won’t drop it just because of some new hotness. If you do decide to start playing, do not hesitate in adding me to your friend’s list so we can play together. My summoner name is Spruchy and I look forward to seeing you in the Summoner’s rift.

Edit: Played Rammus for the first time in my late night game, went 2-8 but got a whopping 41 assists against an all tank team. Fun stuff but I prefer DPS.

~ by spruchy on June 24, 2011.

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  4. Nice blog thingy or whatever, just found it by searching “LoL” on google. Yeah I prefer DPS also, makes it so you don’t have to rely on a team, since if you’re a support or a tank you gotta rely on your DPS to get the kills.

  5. love lol

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    trust me best defence game ever!!!

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