Sporadic Update 001

With E3 and competitive gaming streams such as NCR and Dreamhack finished things are calming down around here. I figured now’s a good time as any to start updating my blog again, this one’s for all three of you.

What I’ve been playing:

New Vegas in all of its glory.

Fallout New Vegas

Last week I built a new PC (which there will be a separate post about sometime in the near future) and while it’s capable of running The Witcher 2, Crysis 2, and all of that other fancy stuff, I chose to play the less hardware-demanding Fallout. When Fallout 3 came out I was skeptical as I wasn’t the biggest fan of Oblivion but once it got it grip on me there was no turning back, I was rushing home from class just to squeeze in a two hour session before having to drive back over for yet another class. Unfortunately when New Vegas came out it wasn’t the most optimized game and my old computer wasn’t capable of playing it, fast forward to today with my new computer and I’m happier then ever getting 60 frames with everything maxed out. I’m really enjoying the game itself despite Obsidian’s decision to play it relatively safe and add very few new things from Fallout 3, but the writing and the main quest itself is a lot more enjoyable and more thought out here. Let me just say this to anyone who hasn’t started the game yet: New Vegas does not start until you get to New Vegas, which can be anywhere from 6 to 8 hours depending on which of the few beginning side quests you choose to do. Once you reach the game’s titular city things really ramp up and you go from having little choice on what to do to a full range of options and opportunities. I can’t wait to delve back into Nevada.

Like a Phoenix, both Rez and the Kinect Rise!

Child of Eden

My Kinect had a lot of dust on it, I’m talking like a Wii in a basement prior to Mario Galaxy 2’s release levels here. But everyone who had gotten a chance to go hands-on with the game said this was the definitive title for the $150 device and would turn it from a Dance Central machine into a real thing. Now I don’t know if this is bias because I have a 120” projector and surround sound system that come together in a way that makes it seems like they’re tailored for the game, but:

Believe the hype.

Child of Eden is the Rez successor you always clamored for but never thought would happen. CoE is also the game for the Kinect that eases the bullet you bit this last fall when you were tricked by Microsoft’s aggressive ad campaign into buying the thing. There’s not much I can say as any words would fail to accurately portray the experience fairly, but get to the end of the second stage and tell me you’re not a believer, go ahead, try it.

A picture of OoT 3DS and Chocolate Mousse, despite what you think this picture actually isn't in 3D.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

Not only is my Kinect getting justified but now my 3DS! What Craziness. I know it’s lame but I’m using a walkthrough to get 100% of all the items including the skulltua’s and poes. Despite beating the game countless times I actually never did a 100% run before. The 3D is okay although there seems to be a slight ghosting problem that’s more noticeable the higher the slider is turned up, I usually play with it at 30-40% or just leave it off. All you really need to know that it’s a really nice port (the frame and character model improvement does wonders) of a classic game. If you have a 3DS already then I’m sure you’re most likely buying it.

And besides that I’m playing a game of League of Legends every now and then to get my win of the day along with finishing up L.A. Noire which is a pretty unique title but ultimately ends up being pretty repetitive. Once I beat Fallout I’ll probably start the Witcher, I’m itching for a fantasy game since I’m reading Lord of the Rings and just got done watching Game of Thrones. And knowing my love for Suda, I’ll probably be picking this up tomorrow:

What a boss song, and who said the summer is a drought of gaming?



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  1. There’s nothing like a projector dlp. The LCD projectors are good, but long term DLP perform better because their lamps support many more hours.

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