The Beginning of the End is Beginning

Burnout Paradise was released last week on the Playstation Network store for $30 dollars, half of what the game retailed for when it came out a few months ago as a disc based game for 360/PS3. This is surely a sign of things to come. Used game sales are killing any money a publisher hopes to make down the road after the game has been out for awhile. Not to mention money gained from not having to pay for packaging and not having to compete for shelf space. Of course at the recent Gamestop conference (the store that happens to be the #1 promoter of used games) a Gamestop VP said that Digital Distribution will not be a threat until 2020. At first sight that might look at ridiculous considering it’s working fine right now but maybe in 2020 we will see the extinction of game stores. Think back to 8 years ago, hardly anyone had a cable modem now look at us. The internet and its technologies are growing fast and with all the advantages Digital Distribution offers to publishers they would be stupid not to jump on this train.

What does this mean for us consumers? Mostly good things unless you happen to be really attached to those boxes and discs. Since the publisher is avoiding a lot of costs by skipping the Game stores we will most likely see a price cut on the standard video game price. However this generation of consoles may be ill equipped for this transition which is one of the main reasons why we most likely won’t see the jump from physical to digital until next gen. The average 360 has a 20 gb hard drive which means if you download a lot of Rock Band songs and demos you’re already most likely close to filling that drive up. The PS3 is probably in the best position with easily swappable hard drives and the average disk size being somewhere between 40 and 60 gigs. Nintendo’s Wii isn’t equipped to handle its virtual console ports or small selection of Wiiware titles with its extremely tiny drive, let alone full sized games. Next Generation we maybe be seeing systems with mega sized hard drives to be future proof for the digital distribution revolution.

While technology may be limiting us to disc games for the rest of this generation who’s to say how much more will actually be done on the digital front. Xbox Arcade had a resurgence of digital games this summer and Burnout Paradise might only be the beginning for the Playstation Network. Everyone should be excited for this new turn of how games are purchased because in the long run it will be better for everyone. Publishers will be making more money allowing for more games and consumers will be paying less allowing for more games to be purchased. The only one who should be upset is Joe Schmo trying to get you to preorder Mario Party 10 while trying to make you trade in Mario Party 9.

Tomorrow is Blood Sugar Sex Magik full Album DLC for Rock Band, Buy it!

~ by spruchy on September 30, 2008.

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