It’s Fall.

It definitely fall in the media world because in these last two weeks I’ve been playing/watching more new stuff then was released as a whole in the first half of summer. Quick Rundown:

Spore – More like bore amirite? No but seriously, the spore development team (or maybe Will Wright himself) is like a morbidly obese person trying to cook. They take all their favorite games throw them in a pot and hope for the end product to be the sum of all the goodness that was thrown in. In actuality the end result doesn’t taste good at all; in fact it tastes like shit. Although it introduces some new technology through its invisible background game sharing Spore still was a disappointment. Hopefully they use the technology introduced here and put it in a good game.

Man I really Should install Photoshop.

Crysis: Warhead – It’s Crysis that runs and plays better than the original. Haven’t really played it that much but it’s good to see PC gaming is alive (and well?).

Rock Band 2 – It’s RB1 with a much improved interface and a lot of awesome songs on the disc. Guitar Hero: World Snore (Ho-Ho another twist of the title into referencing my state of boredom) has its work cut out for it.


Star Wars: Force Unleashed – For some reason this game really reminds me of Shadows of the Empire even though they don’t share much in common besides the fact that they’re both third person Star Wars action games. Really great story, in fact they should’ve taken the few important scenes from episode 2, merge them into episode 1, make episode 3 episode 2 and made this game episode 3. Would’ve been great I tell ya. As far as gameplay goes, way too repetitive with almost every trick getting old by the end of the first hour or so. Atleast the repetitiveness isn’t that big of an issue considering the game is around five hours in length. Whoops. Definitely rent it if you like Star Wars at all.


Armored Core: For Answer – While AC4 was plagued by long loading times and missions shorter than said loading times I still found it to be an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately no one else did and this game will forever remain overlooked. This is a real shame because it’s really improved from AC4 and is shaping up to be basically shadow of colossus + Giant Robots, which is a winning combination. Not to mention the Soundtrack and Visuals are superb, haven’t checked out online coop yet but I hope people are still online when I get to it. Zone of the Enders might just be dethroned for me.



Megaman 9 – Shamefully I never really played any of the older Megamans that much (played one on gameboy, way too hard at the time) so won’t make any direct comparisons but…game is ridiculously fun and challenging! Capcom was brilliant for making a game in this retro style and they did it perfectly as well, it really feels like a NES game with a hint of modern gameplay twists. Can’t wait to dig deeper into this one and defeat the last 4 robot masters!


All those games in the last two weeks and I just got into the Little Big Planet beta today along with Kirby Superstar DS and Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood. Also been playing WoW feverishly in attempt to get my rogue alt to 70 before Wrathapocalypse brings destruction to the world.

Also been reading the second book in the Hitchhiker’s series The Restaurant at the End of the Universe…..if I could write half as well as Douglas Adams most of my time would be spent writing. And being a billionaire. One of the funniest books ever, was literally “LOL”ing every other page.

In TV after 30 Rock destroyed the Emmy’s, decided it would be a good idea to start watching it. One episode in and I’m loving it. Heroes continues to jump the shark with retarded plot twists, terrible script, and poor acting performances by almost everyone involved. Oh what could’ve been.


Crazy! Oh yeah I also got Metal Gear Solid 5.






~ by spruchy on September 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s Fall.”

  1. Sonic RPG FTL…nowhere near as epic+good as I expected it to be.

  2. I know, Sonic: Dark Brotherhood is really terrible. Even Bioware couldn’t fix Sonic.

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