I fail at Blogging.

Haven’t blogged in awhile, finals and the massive back log of video games don’t really help. So ill do a quick one sentence run down of every game I have been playing since last blog.

Assassin’s Creed – Entertaining game as long as you don’t play any longer than an hour or two per session due to the repetitiveness of its side quests.

Call of Duty 4 – Best single player action shooter this year (hah action shooter lets me exclude Bioshock), awesome multiplayer that rivals Halo with its addicting leveling system.

Company Of Heroes – Have not played much but the graphics and its unique game play have made a first good impression with me.

Final Fantasy Tactics PSP – Addicting as the Playstation original, new translation and cut scenes are great and actually add to this masterpiece of a game.

Halo 3 New Maps – Stand Off is the perfect variation of the Blood Gulch type map, Rat’s Nest is just plain fun, and Foundry is meh but I hear there’s some wicked forge potential in it, Must buy for any Halo fan.

Mass Effect – Great game takes my biggest complaint of KOTOR (boring battle system ftl) and ramps it up with awesome Gears of War combat.

Phoenix Wright 1 and 2 – Probably the best gaming series on the DS right now, finally beat the first one after two years of procrastinating.

Rock Band – Game of the Century, just beat the endless set list with a full band+ last night, purely sick.

Unreal Tournament 3 (PC) – Not as good as I expected basically a visual overhaul with some minor additions to Unreal2k4 and some major mode removals.

World Of Warcraft – Why am I playing this again in amidst of the densest gaming season ever?

So all those games + Finals are pretty much why I haven’t been blogging. Sorry about that with the holiday season and easier semester coming up should be able to write more. Been playing way too much WoW if anyone happens to play on Mal Ganis send me a whisper, characters are Namii and LockOnOO. Can’t wait for Christmas to play some Crysis and Nights for the Wii, also saw some DS game like shaped boxes under the tree should be good stuff. Well seeing that its 6 am will be bidding anyone who reads this adieu.

~ by spruchy on December 22, 2007.

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