I am a Gaming Minority

No new blog post over the weekend thanks to Guitar Hero 3. Just imagine how much time Rock Band is going to suck up ;[ . Anyway I’m on a crazy money saving spree with so many god dammed games coming out next month. Here are the MUST-BUYS:


Wow. All these games are going to be triple A (with the exception of nIghts, but I’m a fan boy who said if there was ever a sequel I’ll be there day one no matter how bad). Anyway I’m super tight on money at the wrong time so I put all my ps2 games up for sale and my WoW account (good riddance for now, when the expansion comes out I’m sure I’ll be back). I need to decide if I can make room in my budget for Naruto this week which also looks equally awesome. Maybe I should get a job. Anyway let’s talk about the topic.

When it comes to games, I like a lot of games that most people love to hate or are known as the shit in the series. Guilty pleasures if you would. I don’t know what draws me to these globally hated games but I seem to be infatuated with them.

First up is Mario Sunshine. Give me Mario Sunshine any day over its weak prequel. Sure the game was revolutionary when it came out but Mario Sunshine improves in every single regard. Ask anyone who hates this game what’s wrong with it and most of the time you’ll find they can’t come up with any reasonable arguments for it being inferior to Mario 64. OH THE NOES YOU NEED TO CLEAN AND THE HOSE TALKS!!! Who cares, the cleaning was fun and the nozzle made Mario more mobile and added moves to his repertoire. People who hate this game just let nostalgia cloud their judgment making them think Mario 64 is superior. If Mario Galaxy is as half as good as Mario Sunshine then I will be pleasantly satisfied.

While this game got great review and many fans like it it’s also seen as the weakest link in the Metal Gear Solid series. Like with Mario Sunshine many people didn’t have any good reason to hate it and blamed its lack of quality on being forced to play as Raiden instead of Solid Snake. Sure the game was overly pretentious with its plot at the end but the game had some amazing moments in it. The whole ending segment was some of the most amazing gaming moments I have ever played. Metal Gear Solid 2 also improved on Metal Gear Solid in almost every single way taking the core foundations and adding tons of new things to do. People prefer MGS3 to MGS2 but MGS2 still holds a special place in my heart today.

Every sonic game was pretty mediocre to me. The 2d games were too fast to control and didn’t require much thinking besides running to the right. Sonic Adventure 1 was a pretty good game but the fact that they forced to play 5 different characters with some of them controlling terrible and a bad camera to boot. Sonic Adventure 2 was the game to get me to love Sonic and allowed me to go back and revisit the 2d games with a new appreciation. Letting you play as both the Good and Evil side was a great feature and allowed the player to see the story from both sides. Sonic Adventure 2 is a great game and one of the greatest 3d platformers to date.

Back to Guitar Hero 3, lemme know if you enjoyed reading this.


~ by spruchy on October 30, 2007.

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